img_7794-jpgHi there friends! Welcome to Love & Light!

I’m Sydney, a twenty-something who has a passion for words, a love of traveling, and a desire for adventure. I really like: green tea, theatre, the ocean, weird animals, music, activities, white wine, mantras and this Dan person. I really dislike: the color orange, inequality, red wine, cold feet, when music is way louder than lyrics, mean people, and ignorance.

This blog is meant to help mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life, as well as a creative & therapeutic outlet for me. My goal is to consistently write as an outlet and then post from there. Honestly, my posts will likely range anywhere from my day to day adventures to current issues or thoughts on relevant topics. In general, I’ve noticed that people tend to send me messages asking what I think about certain topics or for tips on how to deal with the things they are going through. Although I’ll be writing about various things that come to mind, I would also love for people to continue sending me messages with their questions and possible topic requests. If you wish to remain anonymous that’s completely fine. I’m not sure how many people will genuinely read my posts, but I hope to positively impact those that do.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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